Flood Damage Restoration Services

Columbus Ohio Flood Damage Restoration Services and Water Damage Repair

You’ve experienced a water damage or flood damage catastrophe and now you’re unsure where to turn for expert assistance. You probably were thinking that you could tackle the disaster clean-up on your own, but the undertaking is going to be too much for you to handle and the resulting water damage will be beyond the scope of what you want to get involved in, both in terms of time and cost. Now is the time to look to the disaster restoration clean-up services experts. We are a family owned and operated Columbus Damage Restoration Services company and we have been providing Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup services to all of our loyal customers in need of flood damage assistance, while also offering environmentally friendly results and solutions that is always backed up by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that is often not seen in the restoration services industry. And since we know how valuable your home or business is to you, and that you want results as quickly as possible, especially if extra time is going to cost you more in down time, we’re always standing by to address your disaster clean-up needs.

Water Damage Extraction Cleanup Services in Columbus Ohio

Being a weather-related disaster that we have no control over, flooding causes billions of dollars of water damage to homes and businesses each and every year, ranking near the top of all disaster restoration insurance claims. Flood damage may occur due to heavy rains flooding your basement, a kitchen appliance or bathtub/shower that may have overflowed, plumbing problems such as a water pipe that is leaking or bursts altogether, or even after a fire that has left thousands of gallons of water dumped onto your home or business.

Columbus Ohio Flood Damage Company Excels at Basement Water Cleanup

Our disaster restoration services division is built upon offering the best quality water damage restoration clean-up services to homeowners and business owners as well, while also trying to strike a balance that takes into consideration the interests of both the homeowner or business owner and the insurance companies that we are experienced experts at working with on your behalf, leaving you a stress-free and hassle-free restoration claims process. We know what a devastating loss can feel like after going through the terrible experience of significant flood damage to your home or business, and that is the reason why we combine our experience and expertise in order to offer expert guidance and understanding in our goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations with the entire water damage clean-up process. The core mission of our company is to serve our clients with compassion and integrity, while still being able to offer the best quality results and professionalism that is rarely seen in the disaster restoration and damage restoration services industry. Our goal is also staying focused on assuring you that the water damage clean-up process will be as stress-free and as painless as possible for you and the insurance company that will be processing your water damage claim.

Flood Extraction and Disaster Cleaning Company in Columbus Ohio

Flood damage or water damage in your home or business can destroy carpeting, appliances and cabinets, furniture and accessories, walls and ceilings, floor coverings or wood floors especially, and more, but that can be just the start of all your problems! if the resulting water damage is not tackled immediately by a damage restoration company, it typically leads to immediate moist and humid conditions that results in toxic mold growth and inevitably presents health complications to you and your family. The biggest risk is letting flood damage or water damage develop into an extensive and significantly more costly problem. If there are leaks present, leaking or broken pipes, known flooding issues, cabinets that have already absorbed significant amounts of moisture, soaked or water-damaged carpet, plumbing or sewage backup problems, garbage disposal leaks, foundation issues or leaks, or basically any instance of standing water in your home or business, it’s crucial to seek out and address the problem(s) as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Upon first visiting your home or business for an inspection and initial consultation, we only employ the best in technology and professional moisture and mold detection equipment in order to ascertain and take note of all of the damage inside and outside of your home or business in order for your insurance company to have a complete and thorough picture of the extent of the damage. We inspect and ascertain the initial source and also when the water intrusion initially occurred, as well as inspecting for visible deterioration that may have already occurred, plus any pre-existing water damage and microbial/mold growth that may be present. We will determine drying and dehumidifying objectives for any building materials or structures that have been affected as well as home or business contents that may have been damaged at the beginning of the disaster restoration process. You can rest confidently knowing that our clean-up restoration services will have your home or business back to its original condition in as rapid as a time-frame as possible so that you can get back to normalcy.

Call the Columbus Ohio water damage experts, we serve all of the greater Columbus Ohio metro area, as well as Springfield, Mansfield, Grove City, Chillicothe and pretty much everything in between.

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