Patio Improvement & Sunrooms

Create Additional Space with Patio Enclosures or Sunrooms

The addition of a porch, screen porch, front porch, back port or front entry portico adds architectural style and interest to a home and function. At Columbus Home Improvement Company, we understand the dual purpose of this feature on a home, which is why we employ both contractors and designers on your outdoor living space project to help you attain the vision you desire. Many of our customers have changed the appearance of their home by simply investing in a portico for the front entry or adding on a porch or patio, while a sunroom is the preferred outdoor addition for others.  This feature creates not just more livable space, but livable space that serves homeowners’ needs and goals of enjoyment and relaxation.  Or perhaps you have an outdoor living design that goes much further in scope and could benefit from our design and project consultation from your dedicated project manager.

Let Columbus Home Improvement Company Help You Create a Patio Design or Sunroom

Too often it is difficult to imagine what the final look of a renovation will be. At Columbus Home Improvement Company, we do not like leaving our customers in the dark. We understand that providing more than a rough sketch of the final outcome is important for everyone working on the project and for the homeowners’ peace of mind. As a result, the team at Columbus Home Improvement Company has developed digital tools in order to provide homeowners with a rendition of what the final project is going to look like and how various features will appear on the front, back or sides of a home. In addition, as your trusted home remodeling contractor, the digital tools and product fee are deducted from the final project price for additional 5 star service that customers have come to expect with Columbus Home Improvement Company.

Boost the Value of Your Home with the Addition of an Outdoor Patio or Sunroom

A porch or portico can add significant value to a property. By creating additional outdoor living space and improving the unique façade of a home with architectural detail like a patio or sunroom, a homeowner is able to boost the value of their property.

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