Window Replacement & Window Styles

Let Columbus Home Improvement Company Help you Pick Window Replacement Styles for your Columbus, Ohio, Home

At Columbus Home Improvement Company, we offer a wide range of window styles to ensure that we can meet your needs. Consult with us about the best windows style for your home to increase energy efficiency and the curb appeal of the property. Here are some of the most popular replacement window styles we offer:

Double Hung Style Window Replacement in Columbus, Ohio

Double hung windows are considered the traditional American window style and are common across the country. These windows are made up of two sashes of glass that operate up and down. Modern advances to window technology now allows a homeowner to tilt these glass panes for easy cleaning and to have a half or full screen.

Casement Style Window Replacement in Columbus/Westerville, Ohio

For interior replacement windows, many homeowners enjoy the benefits associated with casement windows. These types of windows allow the maximum ventilation because the windows crank open and offer air flow through the entire space.

French Casement Style Window Replacement in Columbus, Ohio

For a more European style, consider installing a French casement window that features two operating windows that open outward using a crank handle. The lack of center post in the design of the window provides a homeowner an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Awning Style Windows in Columbus, Ohio

These windows are traditionally found in cellars or basements due to the limited exterior wall space. The hinges on the window are located at the top and open toward the outside from the bottom.

Sliding Patio Style Windows in Columbus/Westerville, Ohio

For windows where the width of the frame is larger than the height, we offer sliding windows. These exceptional replacement windows are offered in a 2 lite slider where both sides slide or a 3 lite slider with two sliding panes and a stationary center. Allow natural light and air to flow through the home with a sliding window.

Garden Style Windows in Columbus/Westerville, Ohio

Garden windows are a great solution for a space over a sink. This window allows a person to have a shelf for convenience as well as crank-out sides so for ventilation – ideal for flowerpots or growing herbs.

Bay and Bow Style Window Replacement in Columbus, Ohio

Create added dimension and architectural interest on your home with a bay or bow window. The combination of operable and on-operable windows and the seat board at the bottom allows this window to act as a comfortable reading nook or place to watch kids play.

Picture Style Windows in Columbus/Westerville, Ohio

While these windows are non-operable and provide no ventilation they are still a great feature in any home because they make a room appear larger and allow in the most light. Replace those old arch, Palladian, octagon, trapezoid and circle windows with a new option that is both beautiful and energy efficient.

Beautiful Window Replacement Styles

All of our window style options are beautiful, cost efficient, and easy maintenance so call today for a consultation.  If a window replacement is what your home is in need of, then let the windows professionals consult you on the many options and styles available. Call us today a for a no hassle, no obligation free quote.

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