The Importance and Types of Exterior Doors

Posted On: March 11, 2014

Exterior doors are very important because they isolate us from the external environment, including robberies, the weather, and predators. As The House Designers point out, when we think about exterior doors, we always feel that the first thing it has to do is to make us feel safe. The door needs to provide security. Then we want a door that is resistant to the weather, regardless of which season it is. And then we want it to be stylish. That is why exterior doors are so important.

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Exterior Door Materials
Exterior doors, French patio doors, and replacement doors can be made from different materials ranging from aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood, or any combination of materials. The standard measurements for an entry door are 3 feet wide and 6 feet 8 inches tall.

Aluminum – This is the perfect material to use for exterior doors because it is easy to construct in any way that is needed, and it can be finished in different ways, including with a wood appearance or a fiberglass appearance. They are lightweight and won’t rust, but they will dent easily. This material is easy to use in replacement doors.

Steel – This material is the best for security because these exterior doors come sheathed with 24-gauge steel. They also come in different presentations and in any color. They can be constructed to be weather resistant, and for that, they come with a vinyl coat that makes them weather resistant, but they can also dent. If they are going to be exposed to sunlight, they may bow and chip easily.

Fiberglass – This is the easiest material to have for your exterior doors because it needs very little maintenance, they resist warping and bowing, and are excellent for humid places. They can work very well as replacement doors. They come in flush or paneled varieties and can be purchase in different wood colors of faux wood that will look like natural wood.

Wood – These exterior doors are constructed by adding vertical rails laminated together. By constructing it this way, the door will warp in opposite directions when damp and so avoid bowing. They are usually built of pine, oak, or fir. We can build French patio doors with wood and glass insertions too.

Different Types of Exterior Doors
Flush doors – These are covered with a sheet of inexpensive wood, such as pine mahogany, or white cedar. This veneer sheet covers the door and gives a perfect appearance with no chips, dents, or bows.

Glass insert doors – These exterior doors can be built in any size. When glass is inserted into the door or multi-panes, they are called lights, and these are most commonly found in French patio doors. If, instead, they have single panes of glass, these doors can be an entry door.

Paneled doors – These give quality to the door but also style. They are built in a way that lets the wood expand without being damaged by the weather and so will last over a long period of time.

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