Perfect House Painting Tips

Posted On: July 15, 2014

Well painted interiors create the beauty of your house. However, painting the house without practice won’t give it the fine look you’re seeking. House painters need to have a grip over the brush and brush strokes before they could join some painting companies and adopt house painting and interior painting as their profession.


Color Consistency Tip

Usually the paint color in two cans differs slightly. This may become obvious when you have to use the second can in the middle of a wall. To avoid this problem and have a consistent paint color throughout the walls of the room, painting companies mix the paint cans together in a large bucket. Use roller screen instead of roller pan for large paint jobs.

Paint Trim before Walls

For perfect finishing while painting the house, paint the walls in an order. First of all, paint the trim, and then you can go for ceiling and the walls of the room in the end. In this way, you can cover the paint of the trim that was left on the wall during painting.

Wet Edge Makes the Difference

Lap marks or uneven stripes of paint can be avoided by keeping the edge wet during each roller stroke.

Seal Wall Patches before House Painting

It is very important to texture the wall patches before painting the walls. Otherwise, your freshly painted wall will give a blotchy look because of the porous fillers of patch on dry wall. Primer can seal in the wall patch, keeping the wall paint looking smooth

Avoid Painting on Unclean Surfaces

Unclean, dusty, or greasy surfaces won’t let your paint to settle and give a smooth finishing. Clean all surfaces and wipe off dust and oil from the surface before you begin house painting.

Smooth Finishing by Sanding

Single coat of paint never gives a smooth look. You always have to apply a second coat when the first coat is completely dry which usually takes at least 24 hours. And before you apply the next coat, you should sand the trim using a sanding sponge so that your wall does not look grainy after the second coat is dry.

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(Image and excerpt from “10 Interior House Painting Tips & Painting Techniques for the Perfect Paint Job”)


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