Perfect Outdoor Patio Ideas & Tips

Posted On: April 23, 2014

The most important part of building the perfect outdoor patio sanctuary, is carefully planning your outdoor patio designs. The planning should take place in stages, and creating goal-oriented outcomes, that suit the space you have, to turn it into the space you want.


Your Home and Outdoor Patio Designs

The first thing that you will have to do when planning your outdoor patio, is to take your home architecture, and the surrounding landscape, into account. Your outdoor patio designs could be amazing, but they may not be good ideas for you, if your home’s architecture and existing landscape don’t suit the outdoor patio ideas at all.

Hiring a professional to help with planning, and mapping out your outdoor patio designs, is a good step to take, as an experienced outdoor patio builder would be able to ensure your work meeting local codes and standards.


When outdoors, your parties will be easily seen from the street, the neighbor’s window, and anywhere else within sight of your home. Trees offer privacy from any voyeurs that weren’t invited to the party.

Trees will also play a big role in decorating your outdoor patio. Some really great outdoor patio designs have been created to incorporate large, existing trees.


Unlike trees, vines grow and spread quickly. This makes them a great option when considering outdoor patio ideas. If you don’t already have trees, you may not want to wait 10 – 15 years for your privacy. Vines can grow to 15 – 20 feet in one season.

Size Matters

You want your outdoor patio to be big enough for your outdoor gatherings, and at the same time, small enough to not take over your entire yard. It’s all about balance, and you can plan this while drawing your outdoor patio designs.

Plan to Ban the Traffic Jam

While coming up with your outdoor patio ideas, and sketching outdoor patio designs, plan for traffic flow. Think about how people will likely navigate your outdoor patio, and use your space accordingly. If you have built-in benches, leave lots of room for both the legs of people seated there, and anyone walking past.

Professional Outdoor Patio Installation

Sometimes, experience will make all the difference. What seems like a huge roadblock to your outdoor patio ideas, may be an issue that has already been solved by one of our patio installation professionals in Columbus, Ohio and all of central Ohio, including Springfield, Zanesville, Mansfield, and Chillicothe.


(Image and excerpt from “Design the Perfect Deck orPatio”)


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