Protecting Your Gutter Systems

Posted On: May 27, 2014

If you own property in central Ohio, then you must be aware of fact that you need to put gutter guards over your aluminum gutters, sewerage and gutter systems. Otherwise, the foundation will get cracked or damaged, due to gutter leakage and water slipping out of aluminum gutters.



Gutter systems without gutter protection may result in water dripping into your house, causing residents to slip and fall. Cracked gutters can also cause erosion, making landscaping necessary. So gutter guard systems should be installed on your gutters. Here are some tips to help you keep your gutter systems protected and clean.

Keep Your Gutter Systems Clean

The foremost tip to keep your aluminum gutters protected from any damage or water leaking out of it is to keep your gutter systems clean. For this purpose, you can hire professional cleaners on monthly basis. It will not cost you more and your gutter systems will be protected. Keep the area around your gutters free of leaves, debris, and garbage that can block the gutters.

  • Clean gutters regularly
  • Use gutter guards to keep them clean
  • Hire professional gutter cleaners

Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings

You will have to examine your neighboring areas for leaves and debris that can get into your gutters. If you notice extra-full bushes and trees then you should take measures for gutter protection. Take a step soon for gutter protection to avoid damage from your surroundings.

  • Watch the neighborhood trees
  • Keep your yard clean
  • Get good gutter guards

Trim Your Trees Regularly

Aluminum gutters get stuffed with leaves falling from nearby trees. So you need to trim the trees in your area on regular basis. Be sure to dispose of the remains properly. This will help to keep your gutter systems protected and clean.

Watch the Weather

Poor weather can cause damage to gutter systems if protection measures aren’t taken into account. The dust and leaves can block your gutters in strong wind or heavy rain. Get your gutter systems sealed for protection ahead of any unexpected change in weather. Some of the weather that can affect your gutters includes:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Wind storms
  • Heavy rain
  • Sand storms

Professional Gutter Protection Installation

Contact us for high quality guard systems installed on your aluminum gutters, or other gutters. We have professionally trained staff for installation of gutter protection systems. We can keep your gutter systems protected. We serve Columbus, Ohio and all of Central Ohio including Springfield, Zanesville, Mansfield, and Chillicothe.


(Image and excerpt from “5 Tips for Gutter Protection”)


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