Replacement Windows in Columbus Can Considerably Reduce Energy Costs

Posted On: January 15, 2014

A article dated January 6, 2014 reveals that a number of Central Ohio residents are taking the initiative to improve their homes for better heat retention. The winter season sees numerous households cranking up their heaters for warmth, yet this comes with higher energy expenses. To save on heating costs, some households have resorted to making certain improvements that allow their residences that make it possible to maximize their heating output:

“Central Ohio homeowners have found that investing in heat-saving projects could save money in the long run. One woman said she spent about $2,000 on such changes — a cost experts said would be paid off in two years when considering how much money she will save in utility bills. Energy Auditor Thomas Greene shared several cost-saving suggestions, including adding more insulation. He recommended 17 inches of insulation after servicing one condo that had only three inches. Greene said the resident will immediately feel the difference.”

Insulation isn’t the only thing homeowners should concentrate on when it comes to retaining precious heat. Windows, which are essentially gaping holes in the wall covered by glass, may also need enhancements to stop heat from escaping through the gaps. ENERGY STAR qualified replacement windows in Columbus with double- or triple-pane insulated glass, for example, best prevent excessive heat loss.

Replacement Windows in Columbus Can Considerably Reduce Energy Costs

Heat manages to seep out of windows via thermal transfer, and the very frames of the fixtures can reveal gaps through which cold drafts from outside can seep in. Such a vulnerability can put a severe strain on the home’s heating system, forcing it to expend more energy to keep up indoor temperatures. Luckily, homeowners can count on a Columbus window replacement expert like Central Ohio Homeworks to install durable and energy-efficient windows for optimum energy savings.

(Article Information and Image from Central Ohio Home Energy Audits Rise as Temperatures Drop,, January 6, 2014)

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