Roofing Repairs in Winter

Posted On: January 22, 2014

There is this general belief that roofing work should be done in the spring time only and it is not possible to get repair work done that is needed in the winter. Well, you may be surprised to know that roofing contractors are available for work in the winter as well.

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If anything goes wrong with your roof during the winter time, you are left with no option but to call up a roofing company for help. Roofing contractors are available for emergency repair services and are available to help you out even in tough weather conditions, as Carrie Perles points out that such work can be performed in the winter.

Diligence Towards Roofing Issues
What is really interesting that many times people are not aware of the fact that their roofs require repair. Despite leakages, people tend to ignore the issue and think that small leaks are ok, not realizing how severe the problem can get, especially in bad weather. There should not be a problem in getting your roof repaired in the winter, but there are some aspects that you need to consider.

Why Summer is Considered the Best Time for Getting Roofing Done
It is easier for roofing contractors to carry out work in the summer because the weather is warm and comfortable. The chances of your roof getting damaged again are less and the warm environment helps in sealing the roof better, but this does not mean that repair work cannot be carried out in the winter. However, you must call a professional roofing company to carry out the work as roof repair during winter can be carried out by professional experts only.

Roofing in Winter
If you live in a place like Columbus, Ohio where it snows during the winter then you must understand that the leakage occurring through the damaged roof will continue, because the lower most layer of snow on the house roof keeps melting with the warmth of the house rising. As the snow melts the water will enter the roofing structure causing more damage. So, if you notice a leakage, it is better to get it repaired immediately (especially if you are located in the central Ohio area). Otherwise, your house will not be able to withstand bad weather. Charges of repair work conducted by roofing contractors during this time of the year can be a little higher, but “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Repair work in the winter should be carried out by experts. Please do not compromise the quality of work to save a small amount of money. Poor quality work increases expenses in the long run. Rely only on a well reputed roofing company for this purpose.

(Article excerpt from “How to Install Roofing Shingles in the Winter”, eHow)


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