Vinyl Siding Colors for Your Home

Posted On: April 1, 2014

Vinyl Siding is a New House Siding Option
Vinyl siding has only been around since the 1950s and so it is still a relatively new concept. As Mark Feirer points out, it has a bad reputation due to its teething problems of the past that have long since been resolved.


Popularity of Vinyl Siding is Growing
Recently, there has been a boom when it comes to vinyl siding due to the expense. It is far cheaper than the red cedar wood or the redwood house siding options. In fact, its popularity has risen by as much 32%

Color Options
As well as being cheaper than its alternatives, there are more options in vinyl siding. Color is one of the greatest considerations when making big changes to the outside of your home and vinyl siding offers a great variety of colors.

With so many colors to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what is right for your own home. One way to decide is to take a stroll around your neighborhood and take in the colors of other homes and the countryside to decide which colors fit in well together and what colors go well with the landscape your home is situated in.

Natural Color Schemes
Vinyl siding looks its best when it is understated in neutral color schemes. These blend in with the landscape around you and makes your home stand out. A home in a natural vinyl siding color scheme always looks neat and elegant.

You don’t need to keep to one color throughout your design with vinyl siding options but instead can mix and match a natural color scheme to expertly blend your home in a contemporary style. Simple colors include:

* Vintage cream
* Beige
* Sand
* Heather

Maintenance of Vinyl Siding Options
Vinyl siding options are low maintenance but still need a little work to keep them looking nice. Simply washing them down periodically keeps the colors looking fresh and neat and keeps mildew and mould at bay. Just a simple mixture of 30/70 vinegar and water applied with a soft brush will help to keep your vinyl siding clean.

Vinyl siding does tend to fade over time. It takes an average of 10 -15 years for the fading to become clear. This can be remedied by simply repainting the panels.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace a panel that has become damaged. In order to do this, you just need to unhook the panel with a zip tool and snap a new panel in place.

Low maintenance includes:

* Cleaning
* Re-painting
* Replacing damaged panels.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding Options
With so many benefits, including cheaper prices, vast vinyl color options, and low maintenance costs, why not consider vinyl siding for your home? Let us help you make your home stand out in Columbus, Ohio and all of central Ohio, including Springfield, Zanesville, Mansfield, and Chillicothe. By choosing vinyl siding color options, you will be the talk of the neighborhood as your home stands out in an elegant and beautiful way.

(Image and excerpt from “For the Love of Vinyl Siding”)


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