Vinyl Siding in Columbus, Ohio: All-weather Reliability for Any Home

Posted On: February 28, 2014

New vinyl siding installation and window replacements are major home improvement undertakings that should be given serious thought. After all, both siding and windows serve aesthetic and protective functions, and can therefore contribute greatly to a home’s resale value. They both protect the home from weather elements, and help insulate the home. Likewise, as home siding and windows are readily visible even from afar, they have a large impact on a home’s aesthetics.

types of house siding

Siding can come in different forms and styles, depending on the materials and installation used. An article by Bob Formisano in talks about the most commonly used siding materials, including vinyl, which has the following properties:


  • Like aluminum siding, vinyl siding also comes in a range of styles including horizontal and vertical panels and a range of prefinished colors. Some of them can be pretty wild.

  • Available in a variety of textures including wood shake/shingle style.


  • Vinyl siding is also a common retrofit siding often applied over wood siding in many home “improvement” projects.

  • Prone to cracking in cold weather if subjected to impact. See Tutorial Repairing Vinyl Siding.

  • Proper installation is critical or siding will warp or buckle.


  • Lower range of moderate, usually less than aluminum siding.

The above-mentioned properties of vinyl siding have made it the most popular type in the country today. In particular, vinyl makes an ideal material for siding in Columbus, Ohio, as it is durable enough to withstand the many kinds of weather elements that the city’s climate brings, including thunderstorms and blizzards. Unlike wood, vinyl siding is not prone to rotting, and can thus last longer with little maintenance.

The durable and easy-to-maintain qualities of vinyl can also be enjoyed in replacement windows. Vinyl replacement windows are also very economical and come in various styles to match the architecture of any room. Those looking to install new siding and replacement windows in Columbus should consider vinyl products for both. Convenient one-stop home improvement contractors like Central Ohio Homeworks can provide quality vinyl siding and replacement window installations in any home.

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